Huronia Stallions Football Club Barrie Ontario Coaching Opportunities

Do you love football and enjoy helping others become better at the sport?

Are you interested in coaching at all levels?

This could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Our football coaches help to develop the knowledge, techniques and motivation of football teams and players.

The Huronia Stallions Coaching Philosophy

You are a football coach and an educator. As a coach your responsibility is to teach a group of players all aspects of football. As an educator your greater responsibility is to use football as a vehicle to promote team-work and have understood values such as hard work, integrity, accountability, maximum effort, mutual respect and mental toughness. Ensuring that our players develop a strong sense of citizenship and community conduct, should stand as the ultimate goal for every youth coach.

To become a football coach, you will need to:

  • great communication skills
  • have the energy and enthusiasm to inspire others
  • take a mandatory coaching clinic
  • provide a police records check
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